The 10 Most Prominent Symbols In Christian Tattoos

Christianity is one of the major religions in the world. No surprise that Christian symbols are very popular choices of tattoos.
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'My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story,' famous actor Johnny Depp once said. I agree no less.

We often get tattoos to immortalise an event, a person or a feeling, among other things. They are marked on our bodies so they become part of us for the rest of our lives. One of the things that take up the most of a person's life is religion. Some people develop a distaste for the acts religion often imposes on people and rely on faith instead.
Christian Tattoos
1. The Cross I rounded up a number of sites and articles to check the most common tattoo designs and ones that came up too many are those depicting spirituality. They are often in the form of a cross, an angel, words of faith, and wings. In fact, the Iceman that has the oldest physical body in existence believed to be alive in 3200 B.C. has a black cross tattooed on the inside of his left knee.
Cross thigh tattoo by Kid Kros
This tells us one thing – majority of those who had tattoos now and before believe in the existence of someone Supreme. If not, nothing else can ever explain the huge number of people who got spiritual tattoos.
Christian Tattoos
I, for one, was brought up into a Roman Catholic household and went to different Christian schools from elementary to high school. I lost most of the religious stuff I used to go along with when I was younger but I kept the Christian faith. I'm still looking for a design that will signify my personal faith only because if I got a cross on my arm or somewhere, it will
Christian Tattoo, Cross tattoo
If you want to memorialise your faith and what you believe in for guidance, protection, and wisdom, here are the most common designs people get that often refers to the Christian faith. The beauty with this kind of tattoo is they're timeless and different tattoo styles can constantly adapt to these symbols.
Cross tattoo by Mike Adams
The Christian cross design is the most common spiritual design. It means the intersection of God’s love and His justice.
The Roman Catholic believers often opt for rosaries, though. Symbolic materials like the rosary aren't used by most Christian sectors.
2. Jesus Christ
Also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus is the central figure of Christianity who based on the teachings of most Christian denominations is the Son of God and Savior.
3. Angels and Cherubs They are chosen often for protection.
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#Angel Tattoo By #NikiNorberg
#Angel Tattoo By #NikiNorberg
4. Dove It is a symbol of peace. Early Christians associated it with the Holy Spirit.
Dove tattoo done at Rock Steady Tattoo UK
5. Sacred Heart
It symbolises the wounded heart of Jesus and the suffering of mankind.
Sacred heart tattoo by Jason Blanton
6. Virgin Mary
She is deemed as the ultimate guardian figure, the symbol of love, patience, and intercession. Nothing less from the mother of Christ.
Blink-182 drummer Travis Barkers Virgin Mary tattoo
7. Scripture 
Some Christians find strength in times of need through passages from the Bible. By getting them tattooed on their skin, they will always be reminded of the words they'd like to live by.
by Caz of Seven Seas Tattoo in San Diego, CA (Based on Luke 12:24)
8. Saints Roman 
Catholics believe in the healing power of saints. Saints were ordinary people who were believed to have extraordinary faith reflected through acts in which they were usually executed as martyrs for.
Saints Roman tattoo
9. Biblical creatures 
The Bible is full of beasts, animals, and even mythical animals like the leviathan. Most people turn to the creatures stated in the Bible that were used in comparison to human nature. There were also the odd ones that were described in some of the passages, especially in Revelations.
by Steve Byrne (Found in Revelation 4-6-8)
10. Various other associated Christian symbols 
The cross is not the only symbol associated with Christianity. Some people opt for other options like the ones above to signify their faith.
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Fish tattoo of maribol/Tumblr
A lot of clients here in the Tattoodo Custom services ask for religious tattoo designs. At the end of each contest, they're often more than satisfied with what our artists were able to come up with. Leave it to us, too.