The 7 Types Of Tattoos You're Going To Get

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Because one does not simply get a single tattoo.

Tattooing in process
Tattooing in process

Seriously though, who gets a single tattoo? If you're anything like us, there's never enough space for them. And if our mothers won't cry too much, we'll probably get our faces and eyeballs tattooed, too. But disappointing our parents aside, we all get tattoos for different reasons.

Your skin is a journal and a canvas. You are an open book and as well a walking art exhibit. Whatever tattoo you may get, it's always going to be a part of you. You are your tattoo choices and the tattoo artists whose works you admire. You are every haste and overplanned decision; every lick of needle on your skin.

The collector’s piece

Not everybody who gets tattoos gets them for the sake of sentimentality. There are those people who literally turn their bodies into walking, breathing canvases. They get tattoos not because of who they are, but because of who the tattoo artists are. This kind of tattoo shows dedication. Some people travel thousands of miles to collect these artworks and some may even take years to complete. Nonetheless, the collector's tattoo is a piece worth every painful mile and penny spent.

The tribute tattoo

We all grew up belonging to a certain fandom or interest—be it a band, a show, a sports team, or a video game. These things meant something to us. Some of them, we’re simply devoted to, some got us through rough time, and so on. The reason why we get tattoos dedicated to these things is to remind ourselves how they played a big part in our lives, regardless whether they’re fictional or not. There will always be that one band, book, film, or character that changed your life and your perspective. Immortalising them into your skin is one of the best tributes you can make to the things you’re interested in or are very passionate about.

The tattoo that represents who you are

Tattoos as representations are pretty general. But specifically, this type of tattoo represents how you are identified. For example, some people get medical alert tattoos for both health and personal reasons. Soldiers get tattoos of something relevant to them in the service. Christians and Roman Catholics often get Bible verses, crosses, saints, or portraits of Jesus Christ. Or maybe a bold American flag because fuck yeah, ‘Murica!

That tattoo you got for someone you love

It comes in various forms. A tattoo for your lover, for your kids, for your folks, for a friend, for somebody you lost—pretty much the kind of tattoos you get for the people that mean the most to you. Most people get tattoos of initials and names, while others go as far as getting large portraits of their loved ones.

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That shitty tattoo you love

This might be the one tattoo you just won’t have removed nor covered up. It’s not the best piece there is on the vastness of your skin, but it’s surely one of the most memorable. Maybe it was your first tattoo. Or maybe it’s the one your best friend tattooed on you while you’re both piss drunk. Whatever it may be, you feel that getting rid of it is like getting rid of all the good times and the memories that came with it.

Feminism gone wrong. This is how you do feminist tattoos.
Feminism gone wrong. This is how you do feminist tattoos.

That shitty tattoo you love to hate

Now, there’s all kinds of shitty tattoos. I’m certain that one of you reading this right now may have gotten one or two or twelve shitty tattoos you’re not very fond of and are itching to have lasered off or/then covered up. It’s probably a remnant of a shitty relationship, the tattoo you hid from your parents at sixteen, a tattoo you got while drunk on vacation, a tattoo you thought will still be funny in three weeks. Whatever it may be, you can’t wait to get rid of that shit.

That random tattoo that doesn’t mean anything

There’s really nothing wrong with tattoos that don’t mean anything. Most people get random tattoos simply because they like how it looks. Or maybe it’s quite popular. Purely decorative. Eyeball tattoos, most lip tattoos, some ear tattoos, and the likes of them also belong to this category.



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