The Greatest: Muhammad Ali Tattoos

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali Tattoos

Muhammad Ali tattoos are definitely at the top of my list when it comes to boxing inspired tattoos.
The greatest of all time, who floats like a butter fly and stings like a bee, in my heart will never be bested by any boxer in this day and age. Formerly known as Cassius Clay, Ali rose to greatness in a time of conflict and has been a real inspiration to a lot of people during his time, and as I see it, until today.
Here is a Tattoodo tribute to The Greatest, the one who gave us the biggest boxing bouts in history such as Rumble in the Jungle and of course the one held here in my home town, Thrilla' in Manila.
Stunning black and gray Ali tattoo by Benjamin Laukis
Fun Portrait of Ali when he was still known as Cassius Clay.
Another beautiful portrait of Ali done by Timur Lysenko
A detail of a boxing themed sleeve with a small Ali tattoo.
Tattoo by Daniel Chashoudian
Gritty portrait of Muhammad Ali.
Incredible portrait of Ali by A.D. Pancho
Tattoo by Ketan Vaidya
Muhammad Ali
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