The Hidden Message In Tila Tequila's Mystical Tattoos!

Tila Tequila has a hidden message in her tattoos and wants you to find out what it is!
Just like the new hit show series from NBC Blindspot that centres around a Jane Doe that is found in a middle of Time Square, her body is covered with mysterious tattoos. Tila didn't show up in Times Square but according to her Facebook post there is a hidden meaning in her tattoos, and she is encouraging her fans to find out what it is!
Tila posted this pic of her back ink, the Dragon was done by the one and only Ami James
Under the pic she wrote: "#TheGirlWithTheDragonTattoo my tattoos are actually a secret map that reveals something. Unbeknownst to me at the time. Until one day I became enlightened and realized I did that subconsciously. Just thought I'd share since some of you asked. If you can decode it, great! 
Close up on Tila's Dragon, by Ami James
She got this tattoo with the amazing Ami James, and while doing so she gave the story behind it so here's the video so you can get some more clues about her secret map!
To finish off, on her post she mentions "tattoos" in plural, so she could also be talking about her Scorpion tattoo on the right shoulder, a Chinese lettering on her neck and the letters O.G.C.J.M with mean "Only God Can Judge Me". So go on and try to solve her secret map and let us know if you got any new clues!