The Incredible Geometric Watercolor Tattoos Of Aline Wata

This week the tattoo radar has caught on to the very talented Brazilian artist Aline Wata.
Her work looks more like poetry made out of geometrical forms and dot work with an amazing use of color. It's a very specific style for a very acquired taste, but if you are like me and enjoy this kind of rare work, you have to fly your ass to São Paulo, Brazil, where she is based and hope she has an opening in her schedule. For now we can study Aline Wata's work from afar and enjoy her amazing geometric watercolor tattoos.
Astronomy @alinewata
Dance and Music, via @alinewata
Darwin's Beagle, via via @alinewata
Feeling Purifier, via @alinewata
Geometric, via @alinewata
Infinity Web, via @alinewata
Objectivity, via @alinewata
Sardenha, via @alinewata
Space Time, via @alinewata
With the Colours of The Wind, via @alinewata