The Physical And Emotional Beauty Of Getting Tattooed

In 2013 the New York based photographer Anne Burlock Lawver started working on series of called "Indelible".
Indelible explores the body language of people getting tattoos, face expressions and muscles tightening and all. The whole series took place at the Gunmental Tattoos in Washington Heights, and she said her experience working on this project was different from anything else she ever photographed.
The studio wasn't big and she had only low light to work with, leaving her with a lot of after treatment so she could take out what she wanted in the pictures, a big use of the Clarity and Exposure slides so they have this Grimm and graphical look working together with that intensity that it is getting a tattoo.
“The beauty I saw and tried to convey through my work was both the The of the individuals during their private experience,” she said in an interview with Slate