The Wonders Of The All-Seeing Eye Tattoo

The Wonders Of The All-Seeing Eye Tattoo

What could be the meaning behind many of the all-seeing eye tattoos?

Let's try to find out by tracing back the roots of the symbol itself. 

One of the most prominent symbols that's more rampant than the golden arches of McDonald's is the Eye of Providence, mostly known as the all-seeing eye [of God]. In the recent decades this particular symbol had sparked up numerous controversies, associating it with the infamous Illuminati and the New World Order. The common American will recognize it on the back of the US one-dollar bill. But is that all there is to it?
All seeing eye tattoo by Thomas Hooper #eye #thomashooper

The all-seeing eye is mostly associated with coincidentally, a triad of things—religion, Freemasonry, and more recently, the Illuminati. The all-seeing eye go way back, tracing to the glory days of Egypt when the Eye of Horus was trusted to provide protection and good health. These days many confuse the Illuminati and the Freemasons as one and the same; the all-seeing eye tattoo being identified as a corrupt and invasive symbol.

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All-seeing eye tattoo by Aaron Breeze #eye #aaronbreeze
Crazy eye tattoo by Yuliya Lintu #eye #yuliyalintu #illuminati
All-seeing eye tattoo by Antonya #eye #illuminati
But according to The Conscious Reporter, the all-seeing eye is supposed to be ‘a powerful esoteric symbol’ that is often misunderstood and misused. They stress on the spiritual nature of the symbol. Also, they described how the once-glorified emblem now ‘symbolises control and domination by a shadowy elite.’ And we agree, but due to the universal nature of symbolism, it's best left to personal interpretation as to how one perceives the all-seeing eye.
Self-portrait, eye tattoo via trustmydemon/Tumblr #eye #eyetattoo
But even though the clearest representation of the all-seeing eye is very vague and relative, the debate only gave rise to widespread of the symbol, extending not only to media outlets but in artworks as well. Enter, the all-seeing eye tattoos.
Eye tattoo by Oliwia Daszkiewicz #eye #eyetattoo
Colorful all-seeing eye tattoo by Megan Allard #eye #eyetattoo #meganallard
Eye tattoo by adammcnatttattoo/Instagram #eye #eyetattoo
Illuminati eye tattoo by Adrian Edek #illuminati #eye #allseeingeyetattoo #eyetattoo
Eye tattoo by Katie Foster #eye #allseeingeyetattoo #eyetattoo #KatieFoster
by Richie Blackheart at Green Lotus Tattoo #eye #allseeingeyetattoo #eyetattoo #richieblackheart
Pizza illuminati eye tattoo, Artist unknown. #pizza #illuminati #inpizzawetrust #eye #allseeingeyetattoo #eyetattoo
I don't know about you, but this is the only triangle I want.
Eye tattoo by Kamil Czapiga of Katowice, Poland. #eye #allseeingeyetattoo #eyetattoo
All-seeing eye, artist unknown. #eye #allseeingeyetattoo #eyetattoo
When I ask people I know who wear these symbols on their skin, I often get clear answers which hardly border on esoteric symbolism or religion. They simply liked the design enough to have them on their skin. Besides, it gets other people questioning whether the tattoos mean what they think they mean or something else. It's a good topic of conversation.
by micotattoo/Instagram #eye #allseeingeyetattoo #eyetattoo
All-seeing eye tattoo by Andrey Svetov #eye #allseeingeyetattoo #eyetattoo
All in all, the all-seeing eye tattoo is a good choice, reflecting one's personal beliefs or aesthetic views. The debate may go on as long the symbol is present on the world's walls, screens, and even on people's skin, but maybe the only thing that will matter is your personal interpretation of the all-seeing eye.
All-Seeing Eye tattoo #eye #allseeingeyetattoo #eyetattoo
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