These Roller Derby Tattoos Kick Ass!

These Roller Derby Tattoos Kick Ass!

There are many sports where tattoos are part of the game, but not as much as in Roller Derby.
The athletes of this sport enjoy inking their passion. They usually get Roller Derby tattoos connected to their teams, nicknames, materials and sense of bravery. They are not always aggressive, and even sometimes full of humor and creativity. But they are certainly all badass, as badass as the women of all ages who practice this trendy activity, for fun, pleasure and the love of Roller Derby! Are you a jammer? A fan? Do you want ink that kicks some ass to pay a tribute to this unique sport? Then take a look at these funky Roller Derby tattoos...
Tattoo is playing a great part in the world of roller derby. Here, Suzy Hotrod for ESPN Body Issue.
Lovely piece by Athena Funk.
Cool Dodo jammer by Ed Perdomo.
Nice portrait by Emilio Winter.
Great roller skate by Franck Anzalone.
Crazy piece by James Tex.
Our lady of Roller Derby by Joshua Gargalione
Winter is coming! Haha! Fun piece by Juliano Pereira...
Teeth fiend by Linnea
Badass one by Missi Blue
Cool photo by John Walker!
Badass pin-up by Ryan Harrison
Two cool Roller Derby tattoos by Timmy Howe
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