Thom De Vita: A Life Of Art And Tattoos

Thom De Vita: A Life Of Art And Tattoos

Thom De Vita is an artist and a tattooer from the lower east side of New York.
He is an artist who considers tattooing to be folk art and one of the old school tattooers who was around when it counted. He was an active tattooer and artist in NY in a time when the lower east side was a bad place to be at, tattooing clients, local gang members and even druggies. He was referred to as the "Tattoo Man" by some of the locals. He lived and breathed art. He tattooed in his apartment in the lower east side for $30 and it was also his private studio where he made art.
In this blog post, we pay tribute to an amazing artist who was one of those who paved the way for the next generation of tattooers. To this day, De Vita remains to be an inspiration to the younger generation and is still active in making art for exhibits and conventions.
We present to you Thom De Vita: A Life of Art and Tattoos
Crawling Panther by De Vita
Christ wearing the crown of thorns by De Vita
thom de vita art
A unique approach to art, De Vita makes use of posters, stamps and incorporates classic tattoo imagery.
De Vita flash, the most unique pieces of flash but still using classic tattoo imagery.
Dragon drawing by Thom de Vita
Crawling Panther and Eagle by Thom De Vita
Tattoo, art by Thom de Vita
His art reflected on his tattoo style, a tattoo done by Thom De Vita. He always referred to tattoos as folk art.
A photo of Malone and Shanghai Kate taking a picture of De Vita's tattoos in the 70's.
A portrait of Thom De Vita showing off his tattoos
A photo of Thom's dragon back piece done by Huck Spaulding
A photo of De Vita, tattooing in his studio.
A portrait of De Vita in his studio with some of his works in the background.
A beautiful painting of De Vita by artist Shawn Barber.
Some of the younger generation of tattooers nowadays don't even know who Thom De Vita is. But he was not all about putting his name out there and being a rockstar. He just wanted to do art and tattoos. It is what he loves to do. He recently has been in conventions and even did a show at Mike Rubendall's King's Ave. Tattoo. His works are still up for sale with the help of his good friends in the tattoo industry. It is an honor t be able to share some of his work to you guys and give a glimpse of what Thom De Vita is all about.
Here is Part 1 of a Tattoo Age feature about De Vita by VICE, thanks and enjoy!
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