Video: Your Tattoos Come Alive With Ink Mapping!

Dynamic tattoos able to evolve or even move: it is the dream of many tattoo collectors.
But if our ink is going to remain static, technology now allows us to unleash our imagination. So, when creative duo Oskar & Gaspar released their video "Ink Mapping: Video Mapping On Tattoos", it soon went viral in the tattoo community. The brothers are specializing in video mapping technique, a projection of images and 3D animations, on human body. Indeed, it sounded natural for them to apply their experience to tattoo culture, as they were both fond of it.
Ink mapping
So, they prepared the world's first live tattoo video mapping event in Lisbon. They took pictures of the existing tattoos, recreated them in 3D and then created 3D animations to go beyond the body art. After a huge amount of work, they were able to project their creations with softwares and video projectors on their tattooed models.
Ink Mapping, body art
As their project is a tribute to tattoo artists and tattoo collectors, they have worked with two tattoo artists, Cavellucci and Igor Gama of Queen of Hearts tattoo studio, based in Lisbon, Portugal. The pair helped them getting in touch with their customers and selecting the best tattoos for the event. The models were also selected for their ability to be static during 30 minutes...
Ink mapping
Take a look at their magic right now and see tattoos come alive with technology... Oskar & Gaspar have more eye-catching projects with tattoo art to come, so follow them on Facebook...
Ink mapping
Video and pictures courtesy of Oskar & Gaspar.