Why Grammar Matters In A Tattoo!!!

Correct grammar in a tattoo is important!!! Checking your spelling before getting it inked is a golden rule of getting any lettering tattoo.
Check it and check it again!! Why? Well if you have a misspelled tattoo it's most likely going to end up on the internet and eventually on a page like this!!
It's really very simple, Think Before You Ink and always, always double check your words...Also maybe learn the difference between Your and You're!!! Bad tattoos don't get much worse than those that have the simplest mistakes, one misplaced apostrophe and it's game over and cover up time! So take a look at these fails and learn why grammar matters in a tattoo!
Choice's or Choices...
Yeah, I'm pretty sure Blink-182 wrote it like that...
Or its bad grammar!
Grammar Tattoo Fail
Life go's on....
Seriously people learn the difference!!
Except Bad Tattoos
A good tattoo ruined by one mistake
Then or Than?
Classic mistake
Knuckle tattoos aren't as hardcore with bad grammar!
Tattoo grammar fail