Why Scarlett Johansson Got An Ignorant Style Tattoo

Fans are confused why Scarlett Johansson, a well-known Hollywood celebrity, would get this tattoo when there are many more better choices?
Johansson & Fuzi
Controversial Lucky You tattoo
This was the controversial Lucky You tattoo which confused a lot of fans.
fuzi ignorant style tattoo
Turns out, these simple black linework tattoos look pretty bold & amazing. Here are some more of Fuzi's tattoo works.
Fuzi ignorant style tattoo
Fuzi UVTPK (from Paris, France) chooses to break away from the constraints of conventional tattooing and decides to transmit his ignorant style street art onto the skins of those who are willing.
Fuzi tattoo
"A lot of people talk about typical ‘tattoo artists’ but I am just an artist and I use the tattoo to express myself. For me the act of simply creating something is the most important part of tattooing. Not only the creation of a piece of art on someone’s skin, but the creation of the experience that comes with it. I travel around the world and tell people when I’m in each city so they can book an appointment with me. Then I find unusual locations to tattoo people in, like galleries, rooftops or tunnels, but never in a tattoo shop." Fuzi tells VICE.
Fuzi tattoo
When getting a tattoo from him, one has to choose a design or lets him do it freely onto the skin. His way is not for everyone.
Fuzi tattoo
You can keep your hopes up because he doesn't repeat any of his designs. So whatever you'll be getting from him is exclusively yours. :-)
Fuzi tattoo
"A lot of tattoo artists are really shocked about the way I work, but I say ‘look I’m not a ‘tattoo artist’, I don’t care about your job or your shop, I’m just an artist’. I think tattoos will start to become more focused on art in the future. The people are the ones who decide if you’re talented or not, and considering I have a lot of clients and lot of people who want to be tattooed by me; I must not be so bad." says Fuzi.
Fuzi tattoo
Well, whichever way we put it, he seems to not give a single fuck. And for that, hats off to this amazing artist!

For more of Fuzi's works and graffiti art, visit his website.