Yg's Virgin Mary Head Tattoo

Yg's Virgin Mary Head Tattoo

Head tattoos are known to be quite painful, however it seems to be a growing trend amongst rappers and tattoo collectors alike.
Rapper YG recently got a rad head piece we thought you'd enjoy.
It was done by Californian artist NENE, who was the one who posted the pix on his instagram.
The LA rapper's virgin mary B&G tattoo includes a line from the Bible: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”.
via www.myspace.com/yg400
Other rappers including, Chris Brown, Birdman, and Lloyd also have taken to skull inking.
YG is doing big things lately, signing female songwriter Tanea to his newly formed record label named 4HUNNID.
via @yg
He is also following up on his first album My Krazy Life with the much awaited Still Krazy.
via John Ricard/Getty Images
Check out more his ink in the pictures below
via John Ricard/Getty Images
via John Ricard/Getty Images
via John Ricard/Getty Images
via John Ricard/Getty Images
via tattoolifestylez.blogspot.fr
via tattoo22.com
from urbanink.com via pinterest
Let us would like to see more scalp tattoos. If you have a piece you want to share with us, feel free to shoot us a picture here.
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