You're Going To Want To Avo-Cuddle These Avocado Tattoos

You're Going To Want To Avo-Cuddle These Avocado Tattoos

Here's another set of avocado tattoos for you to get with a lover or a buddy?
via lycheegoober/Instagram
Avocado tattoos are getting more and more popular these days. Don't ask us what these tattoos specifically mean because apparently, the avocado tattoo has no definite meaning yet in terms of tattoos. Some are getting avocado tattoos to match with friends and lovers, some get them to symbolise their vegan lifestyles, while some simply like avocados too much and didn't see a reason why they shouldn't get an avocado tattoo.

Take a bite on the world's sexiest fruit with these avocado tattoos!
avocado tattoo by darkstartattoo/Instagram
avocado tattoo by Erik of Neptune Tattoo
by Yohanndore
by Kane Berry
by xmamawolftattoox/Instagram
by Richard Brumbaugh
by Herdis Solveig
by Tom Wagstaff
by Matt Daniels
by Johan Navarro
by saltcityday/Instagram
by Jon Reed - All Saints Tattoo
Now, you're talking.

Whether it's with the bae, the bro, or the surf buddy, no doubt that avocados make great matching tattoos.
by mikeyqboss/Instagram
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
by Shawn Patton
via Raquel Rodriguez
by Amy Jean
by Wonhyung Kwon
Blackwork works just fine too!
by David Brown
Avocado tattoo
Or if you aren't really prepared to commit a large piece for some fruit, go with micro tattoos.
Done at Songbird Tattoo Studio Exeter
Love this avocado & dagger trad style piece! Get your own avocado tattoo design now!
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