10 Beautiful Rose Hand Tattoos

10 Beautiful Rose Hand Tattoos

Rose Hand tattoos are a common thing especially to tattoo enthusiasts around the world, timeless and meaningful.
The rose represents LIFE. The beauty of life is represented by its color and bloom, pain is represented by the thorns. Of course, all flowers that bloom eventually wither, thus representing death or the temporary time we have in this life. Here are 10 beautiful rose hand tattoos:
Neo-traditional Rose hand tattoo
Traditional rose with ship hand tattoo, really cool idea.
Beautiful colored rose hand tattoo.
Rose and ship helm morph tattoo on Andres Acosta.
Tattoo by jamie Lee Parker
Tattoo by Tim Hendricks
Rose tattoo by Carl grace
Beautiful color blasted hand tattoo.
Tattoo by Tim Hendricks
Hope you guys had some great ideas and inspiration from looking at these awesome rose hand tattoos! Always look out for new stuff in the Tattoodo blog.