10 Delightful Wall-E Tattoos

10 Delightful Wall-E Tattoos

Pixar inspired ink is some of the best and these WALL-E tattoos will show you why!!
If you're after a cute robotic love story then WALL-E is the film for you. A small rubbish collecting robot, WALL-E spends his days crushing scrap on a long abandoned and rubbish covered earth. He falls in love with another robot named EVE and what follows is a story that any robot or movie fan will love. Of course being the popular film that it is WALL-E has naturally inspired some great WALL-E tattoos!
They're bold, colorful and unbelievably delightful, WALL-E tattoos are simply some of the finest Pixar inspired tattoos out there and here are 10 of the best!!
WALL-E and EVE by Boxcar Benji
Awesome Work by Aldrin Ace Jimenez
Stunning WALL-E Tattoo by Audie Fulfer jr.
Great Reference In This Tattoo by Kayley South
WALL-E Tattoo by Chad Jacob
EVE Tattoo by Sasha Unisex
WALL-E Tattoo by Nadya Natassya
Brilliant Tattoo by Brandon Flores
unknown artist