10 Impressive Falcon Tattoos

Falcon tattoos are awesome alternative to the classic eagle design in neo-traditional style, as well as equally powerful.
Falcons are one of the most recognized birds of prey. Famed for their strength and swiftness, falcons also have incredible vision making them deadly hunters. Any one of 37 species of raptors in the genus Falco, falcons are one of the most beautiful and impressive birds. The Peruvian Inca used the shape of a falcon as a symbol of the sun and as a solar emblem where it represented brightness and ascension. In Ancient Egypt falcons were praised for their eye of acute vision and held great symbolism accordingly.
 A bold neo-traditional falcon tattoo is a beautiful thing and falcons can certainly hold their own in ink. Take a look at these 10 falcon tattoos and be impressed by the image of this keen hunter on skin!