10 Loveable Chewbacca Tattoos

10 Loveable Chewbacca Tattoos

These Chewbacca tattoos are a testament to how much people love the Millennium Falcon's first mate!
The galaxy's favorite wookie is one of the best Star Wars tattoos you can get. With a sure appearance on the next Star Wars film, it is appropriate that we show this wookie some love! Chewie truly is one of the most celebrated Star Wars characters.
Here are 10 loveable Chewbacca tattoos:
Tattoo by Seth Leibowitz
Tattoo in progress by Dave Daniels
Tattoo done by markedforlife
Chewie in retirement. LOL!
Tattoo by Shawn Patton
Tattoo by loicvh
Tattoo by Chris Reynolds
Smooth black and gray Chewie tattoo.
Tattoo by @tattrx
Colored Chewie tattoo.
Episode 7 is coming up so I hope this blog inspired and provided awesome ideas for Star Wars tattoo collectors out there.
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