10 Lucky Dice Tattoos

10 Lucky Dice Tattoos

Feel like you need a boost in good fortune? Then how about some lucky dice tattoos!
Dice tattoos are symbols of risk taking and gambling. They're commonly part of a larger design such as a gambling sleeve or bold Lady Luck piece. Whether they are alone or accompanied by other images dice tattoos make a great little design. A traditional tattoo image dice were often tattooed with a 'good luck' banner and were seen as a tattoo that brought good fortune.
Great as a filler tattoo, dice tattoos are simple and bold. They also have hidden meanings, the numbers on the dice can have personal significance to the individual, whether they correspond to a birthday or show their lucky number! If you're feeling like having inspiration for a little good fortune tattoo, then take a look at these 10 lucky dice tattoos!!
Blackwork Dice Tattoo by Antoine Gaumont
Flaming Dice Tattoo by Bad-Claudine
Dice Tattoo Filler by Charley Bastida
Lucky Dice Tattoo by Chris Lambert
Realistic Dice Tattoo by Fabien Belveze
Dice Tattoo by Hugo Tattooer
'Good Luck' Dice Tattoo by Mario Desa
'Snake Eyes' Dice Tattoo by Matt Bivetto
Dice Tattoo by Tony Mulkes
Woman Dice Tattoo by Carl Grace
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