10 Odd Kasa Obake Tattoos

If you are interested in Japanese culture, then these odd kasa obake tattoos in shape of umbrellas are for you.
What are kasa obake tattoos? Kasa obake are yokai, mythological ghosts, in shape of umbrellas. They can also be tricksters who have taken the form of an umbrella, a tsukumogami. Thanks to their funny look these creatures are present in tattoo art, but also in anime and video games. The kasa obake is monopod with either a human foot with a traditional sandal or a chicken leg. He has commonly one eye and sometimes two monstrous arms while sticking his tongue out. Creepy? Perhaps. Hilarious? Of course. But don't forget this possessed umbrella is a creature of nightmares... If you enjoy discoveries in tattoo culture and art, take a look at these odd kasa obake tattoos...
Rad one by Aaron Bell!
By Alessio Ventimiglia.
Cool blackwork by Dan Blacksails...
By Gakkin.
By Jinse.
Please credit.
By Makada.
By Orrin Hurley.
By Peco Tattooer.
Dragon one by Sandor Jordan.