10 Old School Anvil Tattoos

These solid old school anvil tattoos are really ones that will stand out from the rest.
Anvil tattoos represent hard work. It also pays homage to those dedicated to their craft. No matter what reason these collectors got their anvil tattoos for, they really got some of the best old school work out there.
Here are 10 Old School Anvil Tattoos:
Beautiful blackwork anvil tattoo
Old school anvil hand tattoo
Tattoo by Chris Evans
Awesome black anvil with hammer
Old school anvil with web
Anvil hand tattoo with nails
Traditional anvil foot tattoo
Tattoo by Andy Wharton
Solid winged anvil with talon
Old school anvil hand tattoo really looking solid
These old school anvil tattoos are really powerful. The solid imagery just really goes well with the tattooing style. Hope you guys had a good time looking at these old school anvil tattoos!

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