10 Radical Deadpool Tattoos

10 Radical Deadpool Tattoos

These Deadpool tattoos are some of the most awesome looking ones I have seen on the web.
His funny and carefree brutal demeanor just makes him one of the beloved notorious heroes in the Marvel universe. With the movie coming up soon, I think it is just relevant to feature some of the solid Deadpool tattoos out there. Here are 10 radical Deadpool tattoos:
Yup! This Deadpool tattoo looks AWESOME.
Really cool background and rendering.
Traditional take on this Deadpool tattoo. Lovin' the colors.
Amazing work by #tattoosbybumer
Tattoo by Craig Holmes
Tattoo by Benjamin Laukis
Cool Deadpool hand tattoo.
Deadpool LEGO tattoo by mastermindink
Tattoo by Graynd
Tattoo by Jaime Tud
Hope you guys had a good time looking at these Deadpool tattoos! He surely is one of the best comic book heroes who looks absolutely radical as a tattoo! Check out the Tattoodo blog for more awesome stuff!

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