10 Sick Pirate Flag Tattoos To Awake Your Inner Badass!

As one of the oldest symbols for piracy, the pirate flag tattoos symbolize the the ultimate badass tattoos.
The Jolly Roger was the real name for the pirate flag we know. Pirates would not attack until they had their prey close to their ship so that they could not run away, and had to either surrender or die! So, if you are sporting a pirate flag tattoo, make sure to only show it once you are close enough, otherwise your prey might run away! We got you 10 different pirate flag designs if you are looking for that badass approach!
Roughed up pirate flag!
Another roughed up one!
Slick blacked out design
Add a badass red bandana pirate flag tattoo to it
Hide them on your thighs!
This is really graphical
Nice and scary one!
Small and hidden pirate flag tattoo
Minimalist Pirate Flag
This is pretty badass!
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