10 Spiritual Totem Pole Tattoos

10 Spiritual Totem Pole Tattoos

Native American inspired tattoos are always a winner, and these totem pole tattoos are no different! They're awesome!!
The totem pole is a significant part of Pacific Northwest Native American culture, tradition and history. 'Totem' as a word comes from the Algonquin language and refers to a guardian or ancestral being, usually of a supernatural nature, that is held in great respects. Totem poles are used to show the lineage of a family or household with animals representing spirits and ancestors. Each image on a totem pole is individually symbolic, but when stacked with the others tells a story with them. Totem pole tattoos thereafter can be a deeply personal tattoo!
Bold and bright or detailed in black and grey totem pole tattoos are a beautiful choice of ink for anyone looking to get a tattoo to commemorate there heritage or journey in life. Take a look at these 10 totem pole tattoos and get inspired with some Native American culture!!
Colorful Totem Pole Tattoo by Franz Stefanik
Totem Pole Tattoo by Josh Stephens
Awesome Totem Pole by Khristian Bennett
Totem Pole Tattoo by Ville Mäki
Animal Totem Pole Tattoo by Laura Marshall
Traditional Totem Pole Tattoo by Matthew Houston
Black and Grey Totem Pole Tattoo by Paul Hallett
Great Totem Pole Tattoo by Squid Yu
Totem Pole Tattoo by Ville Mäki
Totem Pole Tattoo by Josh Stephens
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