10 Timeless Homeward Bound Tattoos

10 Timeless Homeward Bound Tattoos

Old school tattoos are timeless classics and you can't get more old school than homeward bound tattoos!
Homeward Bound tattoos are a true tattoo classic, originating from the early days of maritime tattooing the 'homeward bound yet seaward drawn' was a common sight on sailors in the early 20th century. Featuring a clipper ship fully under sail and tearing across the ocean the design is finished off with a bold banner with the script 'homeward bound'. 
Occasionally other maritime images replace the ship, such as an anchor or ships wheel, but for the most part the clipper takes the center stage of any traditional homeward bound tattoo! If you want a traditional ship tattoo, the homeward bound design is a great choice. A real Sailor Jerry piece tattoos look awesome with their bold lines and heavy shading. Take a look at these 10 timeless homeward bound tattoos and see why today they're still a great choice of ink as they were a century ago!!
Homeward Bound Octopus Tattoo by El Monga
unknown artist
Homeward Bound Skull Tattoo by Alix Ge
Great Tattoo by Blair Maxine Hewitt
Bold Homeward Bound Tattoo by Dean Denney
unknown artist
Epic Homeward Bound Tattoo by John Leijtens
Brilliant Tattoo by Tim Hendricks
unknown artist
Homeward Tattoo by Kirk Jones
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