10 Well-Composed Vito Corleone Tattoos

10 Well-Composed Vito Corleone Tattoos

The Godfather is a movie classic, and these Vito Corleone tattoo put the best of it in ink!
Vito Corleone aka Don Corleone, is the leader of the Corleone Crime Family, the most powerful Mafia family in New York and a central character of Mario Puzo's novel The Godfather. In the movie of the same name, Don Corleone was brought to life by legendary actor Marlon Brando, whose performance as the Sicilian born mafioso is regarded as one of the finest acting performances of all time!
Marlon Brando Won An Academy Award For His Portrayal Of Vito Corleone!!
Listed as the greatest film character of all time by Premiere Magazine and selected as the 10th greatest film character ever by Empire Vito Corleone is a well-composed and well respected mafia boss and one of the coolest movie characters ever. So naturally he inspires some awesome tattoos, usually in the form of Marlon Brando portraits. These 10 Vito Corleone tattoos are an awesome tribute to both an acting legend and iconic movie character!! Enjoy!
Don Corleone Tattoo by Adam Kremer
Brilliant Tattoo by Erich Rabel
Abstract Vito Corleone Tattoo by Fredao Oliveira
Awesome Vito Corleone Tattoo by Kris Busching
Don Corleone Tattoo by Teneile-Napoli
Black and Grey Vito Corleone Tattoo By Mario Hartmann
Amazing Sleeve Work by Tomasz Tofi Torfinski
Vito Corleone Tattoo by Ash Higham
Fantastic Vito Corleone Tattoo by Mick Squires
unknown artist
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