11 Offbeat Fingers Crossed Tattoos

11 Offbeat Fingers Crossed Tattoos

Like a tattoo that's a little out of the ordinary? Then take a look at these offbeat fingers crossed tattoos!!
Crossing your fingers is a hand gesture most commonly used to wish someone luck, although, it has also been interpreted as a sign to implore God's protection. Some see 'fingers crossed' as a gesture to excuse their telling of a white lie, while others see crossing your fingers as invalidating a promise being made at the time the fingers are crossed. Yet, regardless of meaning, fingers crossed makes a great tattoodesign, just ask Zayn Malik!
Zayn Malik Fingers Crossed Tattoo
The former One Direction singer got his fingers crossed tattoo as one of his first pieces of ink and with this we're bringing you another 11 fingers crossed tattoos to show you why this simple design is also one of the best!
Sketched Fingers Crossed Tattoo by Ien Levin
Tattoo by Jason Scarr
Fingers Crossed Rose Tattoo by Joel Rich
Bold Tattoo by Kevin Borowski
Tattoo by Paul Lingerfelt
Small Tattoo by Ryan Jacob Smith
Black and Grey Tattoo by Taylor Anne
unknown artist
Watercolor Work by Travis Parmeley
Tattoo by Travis Thorpe
artist unknown
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