12 Apocalypse Tattoos That Are The Bomb

12 Apocalypse Tattoos That Are The Bomb

Asteroids, nuclear explosions and zombies are popular scenarios that are frightening and exciting people worldwide and make a great design.
Some of them even get post apocalyptic tattoos to get a foretaste! Most of apocalypse tattoos have in common a nuclear cloud, dark elements and a violent dynamism. You can taunt Death, Armaggedon and fear with these impressive pieces, but you better finish them before it's too late! If you are loving dark aestheticism, you could think these apocalypse tattoos are the bomb (see what we did here?)...
Incredible work in progress by Andrey Barkov...
Cool gas mask piece by Andrey Bladimir.
Wicked hand tattoo... please credit.
Badass zombie apocalypse backpiece by Ben Klishevskiy!
Rad backpiece by David Corden.
Sick work in progress by Javier Antunez...
Brain explosion by Kevin Soto.
Great piece by Kosa.
Amazing tattoo by Matt Jordan!
Awesome piece by Miro Pridal...
A bit of blasphemy by Tim Kern...
Cool one by Travis Dobro.
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