12 Commanding Poseidon Tattoos

12 Commanding Poseidon Tattoos

In Greek mythology Poseidon is the 'God of the Sea'. Poseidon tattoos are powerful and truly awe-inspiring!
One of the twelve Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology Poseidon is the 'God of the Sea', his domain is the ocean and he oversees all that it encompasses. Also named the 'earth shaker' Poseidon is said to have a hand in earthquakes and other seafaring disasters. Traditionally depicted as an older bearded male with curly hair Poseidon is one of the most iconic Greek gods and Poseidon tattoos are equally an iconic tattoo choice!!
Traditionally a Poseidon tattoo on a sailors leg symbolized a successful crossing of the equator. More recently Poseidon tattoos have been a popular choice for those looking at realistic statue tattoos inspired by classic architecture, however a bold colorful Poseidon is just as awesome. Take a look at these commanding Poseidon tattoos and get inspired for some awesome ink!
Creative Poseidon Tattoo by Dave Paulo
Dramatic Piece by Greg Sumii
Poseidon Tattoo by Jamie Lee Parker
Poseidon Tattoo by Joey Hamilton
Poseidon Tattoo by Jon Pall
Epic Backpiece by Matteo Pasqualin
Bold Poseidon Sleeve by Sam Clark
Poseidon Tattoo by Saraloni Troupe
Killer Poseidon Tattoo by Kobay Kronik
Poseidon Tattoo by Yarson
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