12 Fragile And Poetic Earth Tattoos

12 Fragile And Poetic Earth Tattoos

Earth tattoos seem really obvious. Earth is our home, our mother, our life and also our passion.
Without our planet, nothing exists. We need to protect it and to pay it a tribute. We can spend years to explore it with travels, but we will never be tired to see its wonders, both natural and human. Indeed, globetrotters are getting earth tattoos to show their wanderlust.
But they are also making really poetic and cheerful small tattoos. If you thing the world is your apple, show us your own earth tattoos and get some inspiration on our blog!
Witty placement by Niko Nerdo!
Gorgeous piece by Niki Norberg...
Beautiful elbow tattoo by Marina Goncharova...
Tattoo by Kevin Nocerino inspired by the art of Katie Scott.
The world is your apple, by HotRod Tattoo.
Elegant piece by Hongdam.
Traveler tattoo by Fashion Tattoo.
Eye-catching one by David Côté.
By Bobby Anders.
By Bicem Sinik.
Awesome earth tattoo
Poetic piece by Alex Berin.
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