12 Ghostly Astronaut Skeleton Tattoos

12 Ghostly Astronaut Skeleton Tattoos

Cosmic and space tattoos are a fashionable choice of ink these days.
You can have a galaxy etched across your back, a space craft blasted on your neck and of course the trusty astronaut adorned pretty much anywhere.
Astronauts go where others cannot, they travel into space and experience the wonder of the solar system first hand. So, naturally they make some creative tattoos. An astronaut tattoo can represent your love for space or your longing for adventure and the unknown. Now while you can go with the a realistic and traditional looking astronaut you can always get more creative and throw in some skeletons!!
Astronaut skeleton tattoos are often seen as a symbol of death or even a dead astronaut, now while this may be true it's not always the case. Quite simply the dramatic image of a skull within an astronauts helmet is a striking design that looks amazing on skin! Regardless of what the connotations may be these astronaut skeleton tattoos are a unique and creative tattoo that brings the wonders of space together with the deathly image of a skeleton, so sit back and enjoy some badass tattoos!!
unknown artist
Amazing Tattoo by Agat Artemji
Brilliant Tattoo In Porgress by Drew O'Neill
Bold Dotwork by Gregorio Marangon
Dramatic Tattooing by Maxwell Alves
Bold Piece by Mick Gore
Tattoo by Sashatattooing
Great Tattoo by White Trash Matt
Fantastic Work by Benji Harris
unknown artist
Skeleton astronaut tattoo
Awesome Skeleton Astronaut by Sanni Tormen
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