12 Lovable Teddy Bear Tattoos

12 Lovable Teddy Bear Tattoos

The teddy bear was developed by toymakers Morris Michtom in the US and Richard Steiff in Germany in the start of the 20th century.
It has become the most iconic soft toy of all time. Named after President Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt the teddy bear became the staple toy of many childhoods. Teddies are often given to adults and children alike and have a number of different meanings but a teddy bear is most commonly given as a gift to signify love, congratulations, or sympathy.
Cute and adorable alternatives to the larger more ferocious traditional bear tattoo, teddy bear tattoos are not as striking but equally as pleasant. A loving tribute to a family member or friend, a teddy bear tattoo has a more personal feel to it while being warmer and more loving. If you're looking for a tattoo that's cute and meaningful then look no further than the teddy bear, this little guy is a great piece of ink and a creative take on the normal bear tattoos!
Black and Grey Teddy Bear Tattoo by Fat Fugu
Toy Story 3's Lotso Bear, unknown artist
Creaitve Work by Gene Coffey
Punk Teddy by George Von Asgard
Teddy Bear Tattoo by Laia Tattoo
Dapper Teddy Bear by Martin Fletcher
Badass Teddy by Memphis Chester
Teddy bear tattoo
Awesome Piece by Michelle Rubano
Teddy bear tattoo
unknown artist
Teddy Balloon Tattoo by Gerrit Bekman
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