12 Mysterious Alfred Hitchcock Tattoos

12 Mysterious Alfred Hitchcock Tattoos

Alfred Hitchcock tattoos can be tributes to the charismatic director and his mysterious appearances or to his iconic movies.
Hitchcock has developped the taste of the public for dark movies, thrillers and even horror, inspiring many filmmakers and our contemporary cinema. Among his cult movies, you can indeed find Psycho, with the terrifying Norman Bates, The Birds, Vertigo and Rear Window.
Mostly in black and white, the artistic images of these films are indeed inspiring black and grey tattoos. The odd look of Hitchcock is also coveted for dark and witty ink. Are you a movie buff? Then rejoice, the Alfred Hitchcock tattoos are here!
The master of cinema by Daniel at Flamin Eight.
Epic sleeve by Den Yakovlev!
One of his most famous movie, Psycho, by Fredy Tomas.
A scary portrait, also by Fredy Tomas!
Another of his cult movies, The Birds, by Harry Johnson.
Awesome composition by Karina at Ad Infinitum.
Amazing portrait by Kat Von D...
Blackwork by Matteo Cascetti.
Great The Birds piece by Sara Lou.
By Vilela Tattooing.
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