12 Nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche Tattoos

12 Nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche Tattoos

Intellectuals are getting tattoos too, and when they do, they often get Friedrich Nietzsche tattoos...
Yes, they get the portrait of this famous philosopher inked! A 19th century German thinker, Nietzsche is famous for his dark vision of our world and criticism of christianity. Two main notions of his philosophy and books are especially famous: "God is dead" and "Become the man you are".
Many tattoo lovers are covered with his portrait, with his impressive moustaches and deep look. And indeed, the tattoo designs are fitting his nihilism, with blackwork and conceptual tattoos... Want something clever, offbeat and badass on your skin? Get inspired by these Friedrich Nietzsche tattoos...
"God is dead" by Faustink.
Creative design by Freak Ink.
Dynamite tattoo by Il Bue!
Neo trad by Lore Morato .
Fantastic art by Loreprod...
Another creative tattoo, by Sergio Martinez.
Nice dotwork by Summer Breeze.
Awesome art by Voller Kontrast!
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