12 Tough Tank Tattoos

12 Tough Tank Tattoos

Want a tattoo to show your strength and toughness? Then checkout these tough tank tattoos!
A robust and heavily armored vehicle the tank is a fearsome sight, especially on the battlefield! Developed almost simultaneously by the French and British during WWI the tank was first used in action by the British Army in September 1916 during the Battle of the Somme. Throughout the war the British and French built thousands of tanks, Germany unconvinced only built 20!! In the 20th century the tank was a key part of any conflict but as warfare has developed the tank has waned in usage, though it is still the most iconic armored vehicle of all time!
Tank tattoos are as bold and impressive as the real thing, and while they may not win wars they will certainly turn heads and impress. Simple and striking tank tattoos area solid tattoo to show your strength and power...or show that you just love tanks...Regardless tank tattoos rock and these 12 tough tank tattoos will show you why a tank is great ink option!!
unknown artist
Bold Tank Tattoo by Brett Schwindt
Blackwork Tank Tattoo by Egbz Dirtyhands
Unknown artist
Sweet Tank Filler by Iain Sellar
Tank Tattoo by Josh Herrera
Awesome Tank by Last Port Tattoo
artist unknown
Tank Tattoo by Nero Ink Tattoo Shop
Flower Tank Tattoo by Simona D'agostino
Great Tattoo by Yi Stropky
unknown artist
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