12 Unusual Axolotl Tattoos

12 Unusual Axolotl Tattoos

Bizarre, cute, there are many words to describe axolotl tattoos and these unique amphibian creatures.
This curious animal doesn't seem to want to grow up and can regenerate himself. But what fascinates animal lovers, is the odd appearance of this "water monster" (the meaning of axolotl in an aztec language). Suffering of leucism and albinism, it often looks pinkish. It also have a funny head with gills, little eyes and a mouth that gives the illusion of a smile. Coveted as pets, they are also a good inspiration for pop culture, especially video games (Pokemons, Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy). Endangered, the axolotl needs to be protected. You can also show it love with joyful ink! Take a look at these curious axolotl tattoos...
Cosmic axolotl by Bree Lin.
Looks good in new school, by Brittany Pare!
Part of a realistic animal sleeve by Diogo Nunes.
Cute one by Eva Desperado...
Haha! Badass Axolotl Buddha by Gakkin!
The art of Gene Coffey.
By Jessica Mach.
Precious piece by Miss Juliet.
Odd creatures by Moises Jiménez.
Poetic sleeve by NOON.
Funny one by Tan Van Den Broek.
Dark side by Wonhyung Kwon.
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