13 Friendly Gnome Tattoos

13 Friendly Gnome Tattoos

Kitschy and cute, garden gnomes are a common subject for tattoos and can look really awesome on your skin!
As mythical creatures of fantasy literature and art- gnomes, imps, dwarves and other creatures of nature have a sweet, friendly appearance. They are the guardians of our gardens and of nature - tiny symbols of protection. That being said- why wouldn't you want to wear one of these cool little guys on your body?
Go Bruins, go! By Brian Hemming.
Made at Bully Boy Tattoos Inc.
Gap-filler by Christopher Ruppert.
Adorable gnome love by Jenny Boulger...
Colorful one by Kelly McGrath.
Sweet tattoo by Melora Coyle...
They're just hipsters... By Patrick Goodwin.
Fantasy illustration by Phellipe Rodrigues.
Female gnome by Rhiannon Hustwayte.
By Squablo.
By Tylor Schwarz.
Cute piece by Virginie.B.
Gorgeous details by Zach Hewitt!
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