14 Fascinating Pyramid Tattoos

Pyramid tattoos take influence from Illuminati symbolism and feature the all seeing eye. Creative design in a bold traditional way.
For thousands of years the pyramids were the largest structures on earth and a wonder as much as they are today. Easily one of the most impressive feats of human architecture the most noted pyramids are those of the Ancient Egyptians, but also the step pyramids of South America. Arguably the most recognizable pyramids are those in Egypt, they served as burial tombs for kings or other high-ranking royalty and also as an impressive reminder to the wealth and power that a person held. One of the most iconic images in the world, pyramids, turns into some awesome tattoos!
Pyramid tattoos are done in either a bold traditional style or more detailed realism pyramid, tattoos are a creative design that pays tribute to some of mankind's greatest architectural achievements! Enjoy these pyramid tattoos and feel the love for some Egyptian inspired ink!