15 Awesome Futurama Tattoos

15 Awesome Futurama Tattoos

These Futurama Tattoos are awesome as the show is funny. Futurama is really its own animal and does have its moments.
Tattoo by DesiTattoos
Tattoo by Marcus Maquire
Tattoo by Munis Matito
Tattoo by Sam Rivers
Cool frame heart concept with lettering.
Its Bender! With Jake from Adventure Time!
Tattoo by Christian Socha
Cool Star Wars themed Futurama tattoo. Bender looks so AWESOME as Vader, DARTH BENDER!!
Awesome Futurama sleeve
Really cool Bender Halfsleeve.
Dia de los BENDER
Leela and Fry's heads!
Awesome Zoidberg tattoo face
Zoidberg Sacred Heart, LOL
Really funny Zoidberg tattoo on foot, check out the toes!! ROTFL
Hope you guys had a good time looking at these funny and awesome Futurama tattoos. Thanks for checking out this blog post.

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