15 Bold And Symbolic Ram Tattoos

15 Bold And Symbolic Ram Tattoos

Bold and dramatic, these ram tattoos are some killer pieces for fierce and fearless tattoo lovers.
Ram tattoos are a popular choice for those looking to commemorate the Zodiac sign of Aries in ink, but they're also a great tattoo for anyone else as well. The prominent feature of a ram tattoo are the large horns and their symbolism. Rams use their horns to fight other rams and because of this, ram tattoos are frequently regarded as a tattoo that expresses a person's strength, masculinity, aggression and force for life.
Ram tattoos are usually done in a bold traditional or neo-traditional style but can also take on the flair of more contemporary styles. If you're looking for some inspiration for your own ram tattoo then take a look at these 15 great ram tattoos by some of the best tattoo artists of the day!!
FLAMING Ram Tattoo by Black Sails Tattoo
Epic Chest Tattoo by Gordon Combs
Tattoo by Inkiostrolibero
Awesome Tattoo by Jeff Zuck
Tattoo by Jonathon Montalvo
Tattoo by Kate Mackay Gill
Linework Ram Tattoo by Markus Taylor
Tattoo by Matt Deleo
Bold Tattoo by Moroz Tattoo
Tattoo by Morten Transeth
Traditional Ram Tattoo by Myke Chambers
Tattoo by Nick Mayes
Tattoo by Stampy Goblyn
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