15 Brilliant Terminator Tattoos

15 Brilliant Terminator Tattoos

"I'll Be Back" ... and now he is in ink. Check out these brilliant Terminator tattoos!!
The Terminator franchise is the science fiction brain child of James Cameron and Gale Ann Hurd and has grown from the original movies to encompass comics, books and TV shows. Set around the battle between Skyline's synthetic intelligent machine network and John Connor's Resistance Forces, the Terminator series is one of the most successful sci-fi series out there!! When most people think of the Terminator, one image comes in mind first, that of the T-800 and Arnold Schwarzenegger!!
Schwarzenegger portrayed the T-800 in a number of Terminator movies and it's this role that he will be remembered for. The Terminator is one of the most iconic movie characters of all time and it is him that inspires most Terminator tattoos! Though, there are a few other characters thrown in for good measure... he told you he'd be back and now he is in ink, so enjoy these 15 brilliant Terminator tattoos!!
Solid Work by Dan Molloy
Terminator Tattoo by Underworld Tattoo Supplies
John Connor Tattoo, artist unknown
Fantastic Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado
Terminator Tattoo by Alex De Pase
Sarah Connor Tattoo by David Corden
Great Tattoo by David Corden
Incredible Piece by Andrea Afferni
Terminator Tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin
Bold Tattoo by Miguel Angel
Fantastic Tattoo by Mike DeVries
Another Great Piece by Nikko Hurtado
Cool Tattoo by David Corden
Awesome Colors by Sacred Art Tattoo
Terminator Tattoo by Tantrix Body Art
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