15 Chilling Scythe Tattoos

15 Chilling Scythe Tattoos

Want a creepy little tattoo to send chills down peoples spines, then checkout these scythe tattoos!!
A traditional agricultural tool for cutting grass and reaping crops the scythe has taken a much darker symbolism. Aside from being a symbol of pre-industrial farming the scythe is seen as a symbol of death, specifically the Grim Reaper. The Reaper is often depicted carrying or wielding a scythe and as such it has come to represent and symbolize death.
Scythe tattoos are a simple but intense design, strongly associated with death and decay a scythe tattoo is somewhat of a dark choice of ink. Though they still look awesome! Even if you're not after a deathly tattoo a scythe is still a cool piece of ink to have!!
Scythe Rose Tattoo by C.P.Martin
Scythe Tattoo by .Noir Art & Tattoo.
Creative Placement by 82gradtattoo
Bold Scythe Tattoo by Aaron Dear
Insane Scythe Tattoo by Baylen Levore
Scythe Tattoo by chicco_tortora
Freehand Scythe Tattoo by Chris Harris
Blackwork Scythe Tattoo by Chris Jenko
Scythe Tattoo by chrisxanker
Old School Scythe Tattoo by Frank William
Scythe Tattoo by Got Tattooer
Cool Scythe by Johnny Trend Kill
Scythe Tattoo by Kenny Yu
Noose Scythe Tattoo by Lewis Mckechnie
Scythe Tattoo by Szesz
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