15 Cool True Romance Tattoos

15 Cool True Romance Tattoos

These cool True Romance tattoos capture the essence of a true cult classic movie!!
True Romance is one of the coolest films of all time, a romantic dark comedy crime film that follows the blossoming romance of Alabama and Clarence Worley in the criminal beginnings in which they find love. Written by Quentin Tarantino the film was directed by Tony Scott and featured an incredible cast with the likes of Patrica Arquette, Christian Slater, Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Dennis Hopper and Val Kilmer!! True Romance is awesome and these True Romance tattoos go someway into capturing the power of the movie!
True Romance tattoos are as bold and vibrant as the characters to which they pay tribute! From Alabama's famous line of 'You're so cool' to portraits of crazed drug pimp Drexl Spivey these True Romance tattoos are simply the coolest movie tattoos there are! So enjoy some ink and feel the love for early 90s cinema!
Alabama Tattoo, artist unknown
You're So Cool by Rizza Boo
Old School Clarence and Alabama by Rachel Baldwin
Awesome Drexl Spivey Tattoo by Matt Youl
True Romance Gun Tattoo by Keely Rutherford
True Romance Leg Sleeve by Chris J'tot
Alabama Inspired Piece, artist unknown
Cool Clarence and Alabama by Mike DeVries
Tattoo by Alex Rowntree
Alabama Worley by Julie Bolene
Incredible Drexl by Aaron Peters
Old School Style, artist unknown
You're So Cool Heart by Keely Rutherford
unknown artist
True Romance Tattoo by Keely Rutherford
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