15 Creative Frida Kahlo Inspired Tattoos

15 Creative Frida Kahlo Inspired Tattoos

Frida Kahlo inspired tattoos are very popular these days.
The Mexican female artist is now a symbol of femininity, free spirit and creativity, beyond her life and artwork. The tributes of her fans can be full of tender humor or of wild imagination. Colorful, full of joy and a celebration of alternative beauty, Frida Kahlo tattoos are trending, but for a good reason.
If you are a fan of this unique artist, or if you just like the ideas she is embodying, take a look at these artistic tributes, they could awake the artist inside of you! Check our collection of fabulous Frida Kahlo inspired tattoos now...
Deer inspired tattoo by Alejandro Laureano.
Trash art by Anita Rossi.
Blackwork by Brea Lanyon.
Impressive piece by Crizzo's Arts and Tattoos.
Eye-catching tattoo by Cynthia Sobraty...
Cute one by Dani Bianco...
Fantastic art by Dusty Duza!
Gorgeous tattoo by Fernando Shimizu...
Frida the dog by Manu Cruz.
Charming tribute by Mia Pe.
Hot new school tribute by Roger Parrilla!
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