15 Dynamic Lizard Tattoos

Lizard tattoos are great to adorn your body, with their lively curves.

More charming than snakes and crocodiles but as gorgeous as other reptiles, these animals are coveted for small tattoos. Their recognizable silhouette makes them good candidates for blackwork, tribal and minimalistic tattoos. 

You can pick the very little size, such as salamanders, or the very large size, such as varan! But with their intricate skin, colors and witty look, they won't deceive you! Do you want to see them climbing on your body? Then get some inspiration with these energetic lizard tattoos...

New school cutie by Aaron Springs.
Nice little companion by Aygul Bayanova.
Looking cool in neo tribal style by Juliano Torres.
Japanese style by Junior Tattoo.
Big badass lizard tattoo by Benjamin Peters!
Lacy lizard tattoo by Laura AE Taylor.
Elegant piece by Léo Marsiglia.
Cool dotwork lizard tattoo by Les Petits Points de Fanny.
Mysterious composition by Mindaugas Bumblys.
Another beautiful shoulder lizard tattoo by Nelly Pink...
Awesome lizard tattoo by Pommie Paul.
Lizard tattoo by Saskia Viney.
Japanese art by Stefano De Cenzo.
Graphic lizard tattoo by Tato Castro.
Charming little lizard tattoo by Tattooist Ida...