15 Eerie Edgar Allan Poe Tattoos

15 Eerie Edgar Allan Poe Tattoos

Edgar Allan Poe tattoos are going beyond other famous writer tattoos, in number, but also in creativity.
The 19th century American author is well-known and adored for his fantastic, almost horror stories, with delicious gothic atmospheres. His most famous story is indeed the Raven, a dark element often featured in his tribute tattoos. Inspired by the universe of the writer, readers, tattoo collectors and tattoo artists are often imagining dark designs.
But they go even further, creating surrealistic and disturbing artworks... Bookworms and horror buffs will certainly have a blast looking at these Eerie Edgar Allan Poe tattoos...
Painting style by Chris Toler.
Blackwork by Ien Levin.
Dark piece by Kamil Czapiga.
Funny tattoo by Kelly Doty.
Badass tribute by Lippo.
Off one by Manny.
Disturbing piece by Max Amos.
Dark art by Thomas Carli-Jarlier.
New school by Tim Rogers.
Crazy by Totoo Totam.
Original tattoo by Valentin Hirsch.
Graphic art of Xoil.
Cool composition by Yomico Moreno.
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