15 Enchanting Venice Tattoos

15 Enchanting Venice Tattoos


With its canals and old houses; and its charming gondolas, Venice is a coveted place for tourists. But indeed, what attracts them the most are the golden, fancy masks and costumes of the breath-taking carnival... This is so magical and the reason why Venice tattoos are often teamed with gorgeous designs of masks and famous characters of this event. Have you been there? Or is it a dream? All dreams are allowed in this place on the lagoon, by night and with the whispers of seductive masked women and men... So take place on our inked gondola and visit our Venice tattoos...
Iconic view of a gondola on a canal by Aleksandr Romashev.
Amazing view of Venice by Alex De Pase!
Rialto bridge and mask of the Carnaval by Alexander Khartsyz.
Detail by Alexander Twig.
Forearm by Alo Loco.
Epic sidepiece tribute to Italy's cities by Carlos Torres.
The mysteries of Venice by Charles Huurman.
And by Csaba Müllner... stunning piece.
Nice piece by Eze Inktattoo.
Nice view of the canal by Fabio Filippone.
By Luciano Pezzoli.
Full Venice sleeve by Matteo Pasqualin.
By Michele De Luca.
Great tattoo by Silvano Fiato.
Beautiful piece by Slav.
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