15 Entertaining Homer Simpson Tattoos

15 Entertaining Homer Simpson Tattoos

He is the head of the Simpson family and now you can see him in ink by watching these entertaining Homer Simpson tattoos!
Homer Simpson is one of the most influential characters in the history of both TV and cartoons. Described as the 'greatest comic creation of modern time' and named the best TV character of the last 20 years you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't love a bit of Homer.
Over the past 27 seasons of the Simpsons, we have seen Homer do pretty much anything and everything, from travelling into space to leading a barbershop quartet. In fact, in the first 400 episodes of the Simpsons, Homer held over 188 different jobs!! It's safe to say then that there is plenty of inspiration for a creative Homer Simpson tattoo, and we have some great inspiration for you right now with these 15 entertaining Homer Simpson tattoos. Enjoy!
Doughnut Homer Tattoo by Alex Strangler
Homer Simpson Tattoo by Adam James
Homer Simpson Tattoo by Alex Strangler
Great Piece by Cole Strem
Homer Simpson Tattoo by Darren Brown
Another Great Tattoo by Alex Strangler
Gentleman Homer by Diego Tamayo
Homer Simpson Tattoo by Elliot Crombie
Homer Simpson Tattoo by Esteban Delgado Badilla
Bold Work by Matt Daniels
Homer Simpson Tattoo by Miss Mae La Roux
Homer Simpson Tattoo by Robbie Riproll
Cool Tattoo by Sol Chao (Retro Tattoo)
Great Job by Alex Strangler
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