15 Fantastic Skull Art Tattoos

Skull art tattoos are true masterpieces, with creative tricks and impressive displays of technical and artistic skills.
They are classic. But it's more than that, it is real art.The masters are putting all their energy and care in breath-taking pieces, from intricate tattoos to large scale body art. If you have a weakness for skulls and you want to aim for the best, you may found inspiration and pleasure by watching these amazing skull art tattoos...
Amazing backpiece by Victor Portugal!
Cool piece by Thomas Carli-Jarlier.
Creative tattoo by Tattooist Tados.
Badass work by Silvano Fiato.
Terrific details by Sile Sanda.
Awesome hand tattoo by Ryan Burke.
Great morph tattoo by Phil Garcia.
Cubism art by Mike Boyd.
Rad blackwork by Martin Jahn.
Terrific head tattoo by Jesse Levitt.
Jaw-dropping head tattoo by Jak Connolly!
Sick work by Fibs...
Bold torso by Domantas Parvainis.
Intricate art by David Jorquera.
Awesome piece by Alexey Mashkov.