15 Fashionable Skinhead Girl Tattoos

15 Fashionable Skinhead Girl Tattoos

Want a gorgeous girl tattooed on your arm, then get some creative inspiration from these skinhead girl tattoos!!
A subculture that grew out of the working class youth that developed in London through the 1960s skinheads were noted for their short hair, checked shirts, leather boots and taste for soul and ska music. The original skinheads were heavily influenced by West Indian culture and were more focused on fashion and music. Later fractions of skinheads however became engrossed in political and race conflicts. Yet regardless of what the skinhead movement developed into there's one iconic image that will always be an essential part of the subculture; the skinhead girls!!
Skinhead girls are a prominent image of the skinhead style, with their bold haircuts and unique fashion skinhead girls standout and look awesome! So naturally they make a creative alternative to your usual traditional woman tattoo. Enjoy these 15 skinhead girl tattoos and get ready to want one for yourself!
Skinhead Girl Tattoo by Dave Borjes
Skinhead Girl Tattoo by Iain Sellar
Inked Up Skinhead Girl by Iraitz Trojan Tattoo
Skinhead Girl Tattoo by Jenn Liles
Great Piece by Matthew Houston
Skinhead Girl Tattoo by Matthias Boettcher
Solid Work by Paul Slifer
Skinhead Girl Tattoo by Ray Martha
Black and Grey Skinhead Girl by Sarah Carter
Skinhead Girl Tattoo by Dane Burton
Skinhead Girl Tattoo by Valerie Vargas
Skinhead Girl Tattoo by Victor Kensinger
By Louis Moise Cretney (LMC Tattoos)
Zombie Skinhead Girl by Pedro Bernardino de Sena
artist unknown
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